Topics, Locations, and Sources pages


Poll questions in Polling the Nations can be browsed through the Topics, Locations, and Sources pages.

The Topics page groups poll questions under subjects.
The Locations page groups poll questions under where the poll was taken (the “universe”).
The Sources page groups poll questions according to the company or association that conducted the poll.


Page Organization

These three pages are similarly organized.

  • Some of the most commonly searched terms are Featured in the banner across the top of the page.
  • Beneath this section, an "A to Z" list presents all terms in alphabetical order. 
  • On the right of the page are Filters. 
    • Filter By Date narrows the date range of polls to a single year or set of years. For more precision, click Enter Date Range to limit to a date range.
    • Filter Options refine your Topic by Source or Location.


After choosing a term, poll question results can be further filtered using the same filters. Results can also be sorted alphabetically or chronologically. The default sort order is chronologically from Newest to Oldest.


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