Poll Question Page


Each Poll Question page contains the exact wording of the question asked and the results reported by the poll.

Record Information

To the right of each poll question is the poll information:

  • Source - organization responsible for the poll
  • Date Published - date the poll was released
  • Date Conducted (Field Date) - period when the information was gathered
  • Location (Universe) - area or group of people surveyed
  • Sample Size - number of people interviewed
  • Method - interviewing method

Poll Display

The graphic display of Poll question results is interactive and can be changed.

  • Poll questions with one variable allow you to display the results as a Bar Graph, Pie Graph, or Data. You can switch between displays by clicking on the words in the upper left of the Poll display. 


  • Poll questions with more than one variable display as a Bar Graph and Data. You can click on different variables in the key to show or hide them. 


More Questions

Below each individual poll question, there is a More Questions section which contains the rest of the poll questions from which the above question was asked. This enables you to view every poll in its entirety. and in context.

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